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March 24 (Tuesday) Oksana Tkachenko and Natalya Kondrasheva, masters-feltmakers, teachers (Moscow)

Sherstival topic: «A variation of the French scarf — felt frill»

Warm and stylish! Add an element of French fashion to your basic wardrobe.
A shirt, turtleneck, vest, jacket, jacket will get a new look with our accessory. We will make a French scarf from the leftovers of silk and at the same time:
• show you techniques for working with silk of various density
• show three types of layouts
• show you how to make a smooth edge
• show how to work with a blocker
• felt easily and naturally
Presentation of the new video course: “The Scarlet Flower. Dress on a template”

March 25 (Wednesday) Olga Gulyaeva, artist

Sherstival topic: «Flower from viscose paper»

In this master class we will learn how to:

• transfer the sketch of the flower to the wool
• lay out viscose paper
• prepare the drawing area for viscose filling
• create templates and lay out the drawing on them

Presentation of the new video course: «Jumper «Flower»

March 26 (Thursday) Lyudmila Lugova, felt craftswoman (Moscow)

Sherstival topic: «Not a gram of losses»

When creating felt products, short trimming threads or pieces of felt – leftovers tend to appear. We collect them, and when the piggy bank is full, we turn this treasure into a useful and beautiful thing.
Leftovers can become a seat on a stool, necklace, handbag, rug or panel.

Presentation of the new video course: «Scarf decorated with threads»

March 27 (Friday) Svetlana Fomina, artist, designer, teacher of felting and wool painting (Moscow)

Sherstival topic: «Crackle and patina decoration»

There are many interesting decorating methods used in various types of art. I am sure that many people have a desire to imitate these effects in felt.
I like different ways of aging the surface. I really like decorating techniques: crackle, patina and shabby chic. Here I create a decoration in a vinage style with the effect of «crackle» and patina.
After exploring this simple way, you can activate your imagination and create attractive, unusual jewelry and accessories. Join the fascinating creative process of inventing spectacular techniques for decorating a felt surface!
Let’s create new things together!

Presentation of the new video course: «Mixed media Art in felt. Part 1.»

March 28 (Saturday) Marta Dorofeeva, felt maker, teacher (Spain)

Sherstival topic: «Flower with a lace»

In this master class:

• It will be shown from which materials you can make such accessory
• How to quickly decompose materials and bond fibers at the initial stage of felting: without rubbing, without rolling, without a sander.
• Felting flower and cord.
• Dyeing the accessory.
• Shaping a flower.

Presentation of the new video course: «Openwork jacket»

March 29 (Sunday) Elena Naydenova, feltmaker, teacher, designer with many years of experience in professional sewing

Sherstival topic: Sewing organizer

At this master class, we will make a convenient accessory for the needlewoman’s workplace: needle case + pocket for pencils, scissors and other necessary things

Presentation of a new video course: «Creating bags. From WALLET to BACKPACK».

March 30 (Monday) Marina Zhuravleva, felt maker, teacher (Moscow)

Sherstival topic: Geometry in felting

Girls always want to change the look. Especially in spring. I want to make spectacular jewelry, which has several advantages. It is beautiful. It is quick and easy to make.
You don’t need anything special to buy. It can be done with children, it will be useful and exciting for them.
It is environmentally friendly: natural materials only.
And finally, this is handmade!

Presentation of the new video course » Silver dress, top, tunic. Felting and dyeing»

March 31 (Tuesday) Maria Ivanova (Marmaruni)

Sherstival topic: «All about Leather»

Leather and felt are a perfect union. However when starting to get acquainted with the skin, the master inevitably faces many questions. A huge selection of genuine leathers and tools for working with them is pleasing on the one hand and tempting on the other 🙂 I want to buy all the best and preferably immediately. But is it clear what exactly to buy? How not to waste money?
I tried to concentrate the accumulated knowledge on this topic in a brief, simple and understandable way — classification. Only the very essence — we choose leather, threads, we sew the leather part with felt.

Presentation of the new video course: «Chelsea ankle boots «

April 1 (Wednesday) Baiba Rēdere, artist, designer of the clothing brand Woocoon (Latvia)

Sherstival topic: «Decorative and warm bracelets from Australian merino and organza»
In a free workshop, I will show you how to make a beautiful bracelet from organza silk and merino wool, which will be a good addition to your new summer coat. Lightness and elegance resemble a bird feather.

Presentation of the new video course: «Summer coat»

April 2 (Thursday) Irina Spasskaya, feltmaker, teacher, consultant, headwear designer (Moscow)

Sherstival topic: «Decor for a hat made of porcupine needles.» Processing needles to create decor. Attaching needles to a hat.

Many masters faced problems while making a decor for a hat from porcupine needles. The needles are rigid, it is impossible to bend them — they break. I will show you how to process needles to give them the right shape.

Presentation of the new video course: “Technology of ribbons”

April 3 (Friday) Marina Vlasenko, feltmaker (Irkutsk)
Performance at Sherstival: «Delicate scent of flowers»

  •  details and nuances of cut-through decor on the example of a rose
  • flower and leaf pattern options
  •  technology of monochrome and multicolor decor of cut-through pattern of flowers

Video recordings of previous Sherstivals here https://sherstival.ru/zapis/


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